Here’s all you have to do:

1. Download the files you want.

2. Call your local copy center, such as a Kinko’s, for a price quote.

3. Order signs at least 22″ X 28″ for maximum visibility.

4. You can print in color (expensive) or black and white (inexpensive)

5. You can email the files to the copy center or bring them in person on a flash drive or CD.

6. To save money, you can purchase styrofoam or cardboard separately as a backing for the printed sign (Walmart or office supply store) and staple the printed sign to the backing yourself, rather than having it done by the copy shop.

Thanks to the organizations who provided these!

Posters protesting Iran going Nuclear, from

Poster 1: Nuclear Iran not healthy for children and other living things

Poster 2: Two young men executed

Poster 3: One Iranian woman executed

Poster 4: Two men before execution

Poster 5: Women before execution

Poster 6: Stop Iran Stop Ahmadinejad

Poster 7: No Nukes for Iran

Poster 8: Iran Needs Regime Change

Poster 9: Blood of the Mullahs’ Victims is on These Hands:

Poster 10: (Shariah and Free speech Poster #1)

Poster 11:  (Shariah and Free Speech Poster #2)


Flyer 1: Facts on Oppression of Women in Iran

Flyer 2: Laws Oppressing Women in Iran

Pflyer 3: Shariah Information Flyer – 4 pages

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