September 25 Rally to protest U.S. religious leaders honoring AHMADINEJAD at NYC Hyatt Hotel

Join us to raise your voice of conscience against
religious appeasers of tyrant Ahmadinejad!

On Thursday, Sept 25, at 6pm in New York City at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, The American Friends Service Committee, Mennonite Central Committee, Quaker UN Office, Religions for Peace, and the World Council of Churches-UN Liaison Office will be honoring Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at an Iftar (dinner to break the day’s Ramadan fast). Other organizations, political leaders and media have also been invited. Read the Text of the Invitation.

These religious leaders are about to betray their brethren across all religions, parties, and countries by honoring the tyrannical regime of Ahmadinejad and the Iranian mullahs of this terrorist state.

At the same time, Women United, the Jewish Action Alliance, Stand With Us, Center for Security Policy, the Catholic League, the The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Alliance of Iranian Women and over 30 organizations of all faiths and political affiliations will hold an interfaith rally to counter this betrayal of principles, to protest Ahmadinejad’s presence at the United Nations, and to oppose Iran’s nuclear weapons program and outrageous threats against the USA and America’s ally, Israel. See the full list of participating organizations HERE , updated daily.

Please join us at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, East 42nd St, near Lexington Ave and Grand Central Station in Manhattan, at 5:30pm. PLAN EXTRA TRAVEL TIME because the large number of attendees will affect traffic near the event.

Send a message to the Mullahs in Iran!

For more information, or to bring your organization on board, call



9-22: 2:00 pm – Participant list now posted

9-22 4:00 pm – International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem joins the coalition.

9-22 4:30 pm – Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs joins the coalition.

9-22 7:00 pm – Assemblyman Rory Lancman joins the coalition

9-22 8:00 pm – Open Doors USA joins the coalition

9-22 11:00 pm – Arabs for Israel joins the coalition

9-22 Baptist Press article on U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom letter to religious leaders to cancel dinner with Ahmadinejad

9-22 – See many more press articles on the Rally and the 9-25 meeting in the Press page

9-23 – 3:00 pm many groups joined, details to follow – American Values, World Committee for the Land of Israel, United American Committee, Jihadwatch, Silent Majority No More

9-23 – 6:55 p.m. – Fuel For Truth just joined – welcome! And Eye on the U.N., particularly appropriate today…

9-24 – 10:30 a.m. – Welcome to the Rally Coalition: Dov Hikind, New York State Assembly, Rory Lancman, New York State Assembly, and David Weprin, New York City Council!

9-24 – 10:43 a.m. – 50 organizations now supporting the Rally and speakers list to be made public shortly!

9-24 – 4:00 p.m. Welcome to the anti-Ahmadinejad Coalition: Christians United For Israel, Jeffrey Ballabon of the Coordinating Council on Jerusalem, Council of Jewish Émigré Community Organizations, and American Islamic Forum for Democracy

9-24 11:40 p.m. Welcome Jewish Political Education Foundation!

9-25 9:00 a.m. Over 60 organizations, over 30 speakers, one of the largest interfaith, bipartisan rallies held in the city to protest Iran’s nuclear ambitions and Ahmadinejad and to support Israel!

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